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October Newsletter is Out

See the New Long Bridge Aquatics & Fitness Center Concepts


For more than 10 years, Arlington County has been striving to develop Long Bridge Park, based on years of community interaction. And now we're ready to take another big step forward: four nationally recognized design and construction firm teams have put together their best creativity and knowledge to design options. View the four design concepts for the Long Bridge Aquatics & Fitness Center and let the County know what you think!  Stop by the Courthouse Plaza lobby or visit parks.arlingtonva.us between Oct. 19-27 and tell us your thoughts.

The current timetable is:

October 18:  Review by County Board, LBPAC and Public Facilities Review Committee (PFRC)

October 19: Public meeting, 2011 Crystal Drive, 11th floor; followed by 10 days for feedback on proposals

November:  County Board votes to choose one design

December-January:  refinement of proposal

January/February:  LBPAC/PFRC review

January-December:  design

July 2018:  construction begins

Late 2020/early 2021:  project completion

CCCA Annual General Meeting and Elections November 14, 7-9 pm

As described below, we will have brief elections for new CCCA officers at the beginning of the meeting.  Officers will take over at the end of the meeting.

Elections will be followed by a very interesting presentation by JBG-Smith, the major developer in Crystal City which took over from Vornado.  We heard from them in April when they offered an initial indication of their thinking regarding development projects and other plans for our community.  JBG-Smith has now submitted site plans for the Crystal Square block bounded by 15th Street South, Crystal Drive, 18th Street South and Jefferson Davis Highway.  They have now agreed to come brief us on their plans for the buildings along Crystal Drive between 15th and 18th and the plans for the area alongside 18th St. between Crystal Drive and Clark/Bell.  These will include an Alamo Draft House movie theater, a plaza, and maybe a specialty grocery.  You will definitely want to hear about all this!

A Vibrant CCCA Needs You!

In late 2013, a small group of dedicated CCCA residents worked hard to create the ByLaws by which we established the Crystal City Civic Association on January 28, 2014.  We are about to celebrate 4 years of existence, during which we've advocated for so many issues of concern to residents, from creation of the new Pop Up Connection Library in the Underground, to mitigating excessive development growth that would undermine green space, to a good design for the Long Bridge Park facility, to a more rational planning approach to the proposed VRE station location. Obviously, we haven't won all of our battles, but we've made our presence known to the County and developers and become a force to deal with.

Now, as we approach the November 14 Annual General Meeting and elections for new officers, we are facing a turnover crisis.  We've been lucky that most of our founding members have stayed the course so far and served in a variety of officer positions.  We've also been lucky to have a number of others who have stepped up to help with non-officer positions on the Executive Committee.  But the same officers can not continue forever; in fact, our ByLaws limit officers to two terms of two years in the same office.  So, to ensure the viability of the CCCA, we need new participants on the Executive Committee and members who are willing to serve in a variety of capacities.  The Committee plans and runs the meetings and stays on top of all the issues facing Crystal City, so we can keep you all informed.

Three positions will be open November 14 for election:  President, Secretary, and Membership Liaison.  We need volunteers to step forward.  If you're not sure you want, or could, handle one of the jobs, we welcome you to get the flavor of the involvement by coming to Executive Committee meetings which are held generally in the off-months when we don't have General Meetings.  You could also "shadow" one of the officers to learn the ropes for next year, or to be appointed mid-year if an officer steps down.   

Please consider how you could contribute to civic engagement and help keep the CCCA vibrant.  See details below.  Email the Executive Committee ([email protected]) and the Elections Committee ([email protected]org) to ask for further information. 


Nominations for Officers of the Crystal City Civic Association (CCCA)

Nominations -- including self-nominations -- are now open for the following three CCCA officer positions!  The principal duties are summarized below.  All members whose dues are paid are eligible to be candidates and to vote in the election at the CCCA Annual General Meeting on the evening of November 14, 2016.  Terms for each position are two years.

--President:  Preside at all meetings and represent the CCCA to the County, developers, and other entities

-- Meeting Secretary:  Meeting minutes-taker and keeper of non-financial records

-- Membership Liaison:  Lead officer in recruiting new members and facilitating the CCCA activities of current members, ensuring they receive needed information and support

To nominate yourself, or someone else, for one of these offices, please submit general contact information for the nominee (name, address, phone number, email address, and a brief written statement supporting the candidacy) to the Election Committee, specifying which office the nomination is for.  In addition, if you are nominating someone else, please provide your contact information. ([email protected])

Should there be more than one nomination for a position, eligible nominees who are willing to serve in those positions will have an opportunity to present an oral statement supporting their candidacy before the election at the Annual General Meeting.  

All nominations must be received by October 30, when nominations will be closed.   

More detail on the officer positions and operations of the CCCA is available from the Election Committee, whose members would be glad to provide additional information and answers to any questions of interested civic association members. ([email protected])

In addition, the CCCA's Bylaws containing descriptions of the open positions are posted to the right under "Directly Related Links."

This is an opportunity for Crystal City residents to advance the interests of the Crystal City community.  Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration and response. 

 Patricia Heath, Barbara Selfridge, Dave Salmon, Election Committee

Site Plan Review of Crystal Square Retail October 26

On October 26, from 7-9 pm, the SPRC will review the JBG-Smith site plan for the Crystal Square block bounded by 15th Street South, Crystal Drive, 18th Street South and Jefferson Davis Highway. Public observers are welcome on the 11th floor of 2011 Crystal Drive.  There will be an optional Walking Tour from 5:30-6:15 p.m. Meet in front of 2011 Crystal Drive

The proposed new theater and retail spaces will front on Crystal Drive and 18th Street South. The proposed plaza will be along the north side of 18th Street South between Crystal Drive and South Clark / South Bell Streets.

CCCA Meeting October 5:  "Fighting the Good Fight: Trains and Planes in Crystal City"

We had two items on the agenda for the October 5 CCCA General Meeting:

1.    Airport Access Feasibility Study:  The Business Improvement District (BID) funded a feasibility study for a possible pedestrian/biking bridge to the airport and made a brief PowerPoint presentation, followed by a Q&A.   See the proposed access route here. 

2.   Location of Proposed VRE Train Station:  After fighting all year to convince the County and VRE to adopt option 3 for the proposed new VRE station in Crystal City, we lost our sustained civic action.  On September 19 the County Board voted to 1) "Accept Option #2 as VRE's preferred station location;" 2) Request VRE to '"Engage with the Arlington County Board and residents of Crystal City at the concept design and before site investigation, to review all elements of the concept design scope including noise; and further request that the VRE present the finalized concept design to the Arlington County Board and residents for final comment and opinion before finally selecting that design for construction;" and 3) Direct "the County Manager to initiate a process to engage CSX on mitigating noise from the operation of their rail lines in Crystal City, Arlington."

County Board Member John Vihstadt attended our meeting. He acknowledged that he had favored option 2, based on the staff report, before visiting the sites, but realized afterwards that there is really little difference for VRE between options 2 and 3, but a big difference for the community.  That is why he made a motion to adopt option 3, but was outvoted by his colleagues.  After an extensive Q&A session, he committed to sending a message the following day to his colleagues and the County Manager to ask what the next steps will be on engagement. 

Our Newest New Polling Station for Precinct 006

Those of us in the north end of Crystal City may be starting to think of our elections polling station as a moveable feast.  After years of voting at WaterPark Towers at 1501-1505 Crystal Drive, we were moved for the last year to Crystal Place at 1801 Crystal Drive.  When the management for both buildings decided not to host the polling station any more, the County scrambled to find another site.  Unfortunately, none of the suitable condo or apartment buildings wanted the hassle either.

So, our newest polling station is the Gallery Underground at 2100 Crystal Drive.  Look for Room 25A in Section B on the Underground map.  Some of you may have attended painting classes there or the VRE station public meetings last June.  When you enter from We the Pizza and pass the Library on your right, turn left and it's the first glass-windowed area on the right. We assume the County will be sending out new voting cards in the near future.